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October 27, 2009

Why I hate “christianese” answers

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It’s not christian words I dislike since some concepts are easier to explain with a word (provided someone is willing to explain it) than by explaining the whole concept behind it.  What I hate are those feel good phrases that allow us to feel good about being Christians without actually putting in the effort to offer help.

Ever go through a hard moment in life?  You’re worried about tomorrow and just not sure how things will work out.  Perhaps  it's an area of weakness you just can't get control over, maybe it's you're finances, or  family life.  You are worried and upset and really not sure what to do so you so you look to one of you're Christian friends for help and advice only to get "just give it to God."  How do I do that? I have already prayed and asked God to take this away.  But there is no more answer and what has already been given explains nothing.   What's worse, they make it all sound so easy.  If it seems so easy, how much of a failure are you for not being able to master this simple task?

What could the well-meaning friend have done instead:

  1. Finish letting you vent.
  2. Remind you of examples from your life where God has come through.
  3. Provided examples of God coming through in their life.
  4. Admit to not having an actual answer.

Any of these would be better than just giving a pat "christianese"  answer.  They make the problem important instead of making it seem like this problem is so beneath them that they would never suffer from this.  So please keep this in mind next time you find yourself offering advice to a struggling or upset friend.

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