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June 12, 2008


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My name is Gerhard and I’m a geek and I’m also a fairly passionate Christian.

I’ve noticed I take a different approach to how I think things though and I thought I was alone in that until I started talking to other geeks who are also Christian.   Since learning that they tend to approach things the same way I do, I’ve always wanted to put together a resource site for other people who take the same approach.  I tend to approach my relationship with God with the same intensity as I take when programming.

I am very supportive of critical thinking so I believe anything I believe and write should be backed up by both logic and scripture.  Feel free to question what I write and the result should be either a better explanation of what I believe or a refinement of my beliefs.

My only requests for comments to the site is that they be respectful:

  1. No direct attacks or insults.
  2. No spamming other sites or comment flooding.
  3. Do not take the worst example of a group and use it to tar the whole group with that brush.

I will revise the rules as things go along.

Unfortunately I have a problem with forum spammers.  For the near future the first comment by a newly registered user must be approved by a moderator but after that you are free to post as much as you want.


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  1. Hi !

    My name is Laurent Legoux, I’m volunteering in a group called Geeks pour Jésus (french for Geeks for Jesus). Our community groups professional in technologies to assist projects aiming to spred gospell on internet. Are we are starting working worldwide, I have 2 questions :
    – do you want to join us ?
    – I see there is no update on your website : are you still interrested in your domain ? We would love to use it for our wordwide activities ?

    Thanking you in advance for your answer,

    Laurent Legoux

    Comment by Laurent Legoux — November 15, 2012 @ 9:16 am

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